Hey Esther, what’s on the easel ?

May 2020, on the easel again a ridge, but this time from a different perspective. The wall was a bit hollow and had a lot of beautiful colors inside. What makes this painting interesting is that at this moment the scale is not clear yet. This could be a really huge mountain ridge. Keep tuned in to see what happens when I paint in the final detail…

April 2020; currently Im working on a painting that I already started in Spain, at the AADK Centro Negra. Its about volcanic black rock at the Ricote Valley, the PenĂ£ Negra. This ridge reminds me at some kind of ‘spine’ and that inspired me to paint it. It wil be part of the exhibition ‘Push/Pull/Present’ ‘Moving Mountains‘, at the CBK Emmen.

Unfortunately because of Covid-19 restrictions this exhibition will not be open to visitors…..yet. The exhibition is extended until July 11th.

Oil, 105cmx130cm

April 2020; also as a part of the exhibition ‘Moving Mountains’ will be a (temporary) charcoal mural at the CBK Emmen location.

Mural ‘Moving mountains’
Mural in charcoal, day 1